Environmental Research Group - ERG

  • The goal is to develop research and products that helps boost swine and poultry farming activities without jeopardizing the sustainability of our natural resources. This is accomplished by reducing water, soil and atmospheric pollution in different scenarios linked to swine and poultry production systems, by adapting and developing innovative technologies for the appropriate handling, treatment and disposal of wastes, by conducting environmental impact assessment, by monitoring and managing the environment and watersheds, by the dissemination of educative environmental programs for different players in animals production, by the development and application of modeling studies that aids decision makers and policies towards a sustainable practice that prioritizes environment conservation.
Lines of Research:
  • Environment
  • Environmental education
  • Soil fertility
  • Handling and treatment of waste in the animal production
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Bioremediation


  • Researchers
    Airton Kunz
    Alexandre Matthiensen
    Cícero Juliano Monticelli
    Cláudio Rocha de Miranda
    Juliano Corulli Corrêa
    Márcio Luis Busi da Silva (manager)
    Martha Mayumi Higarashi
    Milton Antônio Seganfredo
    Paulo Armando Victória de Oliveira
    Rodrigo da Silveira Nicoloso (assistant manager)
  • Analysts
    Evandro Carlos Barros
    Gizelle Cristina Bedendo
    Rosemari Martini
    Sandra Camile Almeida Mota
    Sara Pimentel