Swine Health Research Group - SHRG

  • Provide technologies, products and services that contribute to the reduction of health related losses, with the aim of increasing productivity and business sustainability as well as food safety of the swine chain. Our program includes lines of research involving impact of diseases on production, pathogens agents that are relevant for food safety, exotic diseases, discover emerging and unknown risk associated diseases in support of National Swine Health program.
Lines of Research:
  • More efficient alternatives for diagnosis, studies on pathogenesis, epidemiology and alternatives of controlling infectious agents of economic importance for the Brazilian swine chain
  • Swine production system on a low scale, without the use of preventive antimicrobials for disease control
  • Control of Salmonella, important for the health safety of swine products
  • Structuration of an epidemiological vigilance program for population control of wild boars
  • Researchers
    Catia Silene Klein
    Jalusa Deon Kich
    Janice Reis Ciacci Zanella
    José Rodrigo Cláudio Pandolfi
    Nelson Morés (manager)
    Rejane Schaefer (assistant manager)
    Virgínia Santiago Silva
  • Analysts
    Armando Lopes do Amaral
    Beatris Kramer
    Danielle Gava
    Luiz Carlos Bordin
    Marcos Antônio Zanella Mores
    Mateus Lazzarotti
    Raquel Rebelatto
    Vitor Hugo Grings