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Fishing is based on the withdrawal of fish resources from their natural environment. Aquaculture, in turn, is based on the cultivation of aquatic organisms, often in a confined and controlled space. The essential difference between the two is that the first, being an extractive activity, does not comply with the demands of a competitive market. Aquaculture enables the production of more homogeneous products, traceability throughout the chain and other advantages that contribute to food security, in order to generate quality food, with planning and regularity.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), aquaculture is the fastest agricultural activity in terms of productive results and one of the few able to respond with ease to population growth, which can contribute to the fight against hunger around the world.  [+] Read more

Questions and answers

Sector challenges, research conducted in Brazil, curiosities...would you like to learn more about fisheries and aquaculture? Follow the link and see these and other questions answered by Embrapa's specialists. [+] Read more


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