Technological solutions Technological solutions

UvasTechnological Solutions are the set of tested and validated knowledge that has a sense of usefulness for society. It encompasses the whole set of Embrapa's Products, Processes and Services in compliance with the production and technology demands of the population or target audience.

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Methods for TT and KE Methods for TT and KE

Dia de CampoCheck out methods and tools for Technology Transfer and Knowledge Exchange used by Embrapa.

Dia de Campo sobre cultivo de guaranáDiversity is one of the most striking features of Brazilian society and it is also present in our agriculture. Promoting the sustainability of this sector is our challenge and for this we use the following strategies:

  • Technology Transfer (TT) It is a component of the innovation process, in which different strategies of communication and interaction are used by groups of doers in order to boost production, marketing and institutional arrays, through the use of technological solutions.
  • Knowledge Exchange – It is an interactive and dialogical process that enables the adaptation of technological solutions already developed to specific contexts. Such actions comes from the exchange between traditional or tacit knowledge and scientific knowledge. The interactive approach allows knowledge and technologies already developed to be interpreted and adapted by specific situations and particular values​​.
  • Collective Knowledge-Building – Collective knowledge-building is a process of interaction based on dialogic force, in which a set of stakeholders observes reality and, with local people, systematizes information to find technological solutions for such context of application.  

Our Structure

The work on these issues is coordinated by the Executive Board for Technology Transfer, which has the Secretariat for Innovation and Business (SIN) under its supervision. Embrapa's Decentralized Units also play this role, especially Embrapa Technological Information and Embrapa Products and Markets.

Strategic alliances

Facilitate Technology Transfer and Knowledge Exchange is only possible with articulation and support from a network of public and private organizations. Agricultural research institutions, technical assistance and rural extension, and marketing cooperatives, state and municipal level, are essential to strengthen alliances and partnerships.

Work with TARE Work with TARE

We work in conjunction with several public and private institutions of technical assistance and rural extension to promote sustainable development of rural areas.

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