Missão, Visão e Valores


Viabilizar soluções de pesquisa, desenvolvimento e inovação na cadeia produtiva do trigo e outros cereais de inverno para a competitividade e sustentabilidade da agricultura em benefício da sociedade brasileira.


Ser um centro de excelência em pesquisa, desenvolvimento e inovação para a cadeia produtiva de trigo e de outros cereais de inverno.


The values that underpin the practices and behaviors of Embrapa and its members, regardless of the current setting, and which represent the company's essential and enduring tenets, are:

  • 1

    Excellence in research and management – We encourage organization and management practices aimed at meeting the demands of our customers, and to this end, we base our actions by the scientific method and investment in professional development, creativity and innovation.

  • 2

    Socio-environmental responsibility – We interact permanently with the society, in anticipation and assessment of social, economic, cultural and environmental consequences of science and technology, and we contribute to knowledge and technology for reduction of poverty and regional differences.

  • 3

    Ethics – We are committed to ethical and transparent behavior and we value the human being with continuous accountability to society.

  • 4

    Respect for diversity and plurality – We operate within the principles of respect for diversity in all its aspects, and, therefore, we encourage and promote a global and interdisciplinary perspective in the search for innovative solutions.

  • 5

    Commitment – We value the effective commitment of people and teams in pursuit of our mission and in overcoming the scientific and technological challenges to generate results for our target audience.

  • 6

    Cooperation – We value cooperative attitudes, build institutional alliances and networks to share expertise and to expand the capacity of innovation, and to this end, we maintain information flows and dialogue channels with the various segments of society.