International Symposium on Tropical Wines

The International Symposium on Tropical Wines is an event created and promoted by Embrapa (Brazil) since 2004, by the intermediary of the R&D Centres of Embrapa Grape & Wine (general coordination) and Embrapa Tropical Semiarid.

The main objectives of the Symposium are:

  • To promote RD&I at international level for tropical wine production;
  • To integrate private and public institutions to develop production and markets for tropical wines in the world;
  • To stimulate the interaction between tropical wine producers in different countries and the international cooperation for development of tropical wine production.

The Symposium is traditionally realized in Brazil.

Since 2011 the ISTW can also be realized in other countries, in partnership with local and international public and private institutions, including traditional partners of the ISTW.  In case a country/institution is interested in hosting the ISTW it needs to send a proposal to the Coordination of the ISTW (see "Contact" is this site). The request  will be analysed and, if accepted, the event will be included in the official ISTW site and the organizers will be able to use the official ISTW logo and Symposium series.

What are Tropical Wines?

The Symposium considers Tropical Wines* the wines coming from grapes produced in vineyards located in regions with "viticultural climate with intra-annual variability", enabling to have more than one vegetative cycle and one or more harvests per year.

*According to OIV's "product definition"