Lorildo Aldo Stock

Analyst Embrapa Dairy Cattle


Curriculum Lattes

Area of work: Research and Development

Office of the Deputy Head of: Research and Development

Sector: N¿¿c Tem¿¿tico Desenv Socioec Cad Prod Lei

Date of Hire: 01/03/1990

Registration: 272158


Has degree in agronomy from the Federal University of Santa Catarina - UFSC (1980), master in the agricultural economics from the Federal University of Viçosa ? UFV (1983) and PhD from Oklahoma State University - USU, USA (2000). Admitted to the Brazilian Research Company in 1996 as analyst position. Has experience in the area of economy, particularly in production efficiency analysis cost and competitiveness of milk production. Integrates the team of the Brazilian Consortium for Comparison of Milk Production Models - CBLeite. Since 2001 is a scientific member of IFCN - International Farm Comparison Network, which constitutes a international network for studies of milk production systems and the dairy sector economy in the world. Serves as titular professor of University President Antônio Carlos - UNIPAC and as professor in the masters in of science and technology of milk and its derivatives at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora - UFJF.


1973 - 1975

Obtained year: 1975

1976 - 1980

Obtained year: 1980

1981 - 1983

Obtained year: 1983

Advisor: Sergio Alberto Brandt

1996 - 2000

Obtained year: 2000

Advisor: Dean F Schreiner

Areas of expertise

  1. Grande área: Applied Social Sciences / Área: Economics
  2. Grande área: Applied Social Sciences / Área: Economics / Subárea: Economia da Produção / Especialidade: Eficiência de Sistemas de Produção
  3. Grande área: Humanities / Área: Education
  4. Grande área: Agricultural Sciences / Área: Agronomy / Subárea: Rural Extension
  5. Grande área: Exact and Earth Sciences / Área: Computer science / Subárea: Computer systems / Especialidade: Computer Systems Architecture
  6. Grande área: Agricultural Sciences / Área: Animal Science / Subárea: Animal Production / Especialidade: Animal Husbandry
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